on margins
Not an artist; just a bored student

80% fan art
20% original
for all the things that you're alive to feel
just let the pain remind you hearts can heal
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in honor of Lights’ new single…




I’m honestly so upset that Aang couldn’t live to this moment. His beautiful grandkids, the world progressing and growing from the war,and the air temples full of life again. It really breaks my heart. I just hope wherever he is in the spirit world his grin is big and his eyes are full of tears. This was his dream and it’s becoming a reality.

It’s beautiful.


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So I’m not popular enough to get requests, so I made a random number generator give me a palette to do haha. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do a beat up Korra in Watertribe War Paint. Good fun. 


when you want to replay a videogame but then you remember that part


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pt 1…. 
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one more of these two dorks tonight.
Nat and Patrick doodles. 
Wow I’m so happy to be done this. 
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Photo cred to and her gorg picture from Monumentour!